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    Kart World Championship 2018

Last saturday, may 25th was an amazing day for 2 Forbus teams @the Lelystad karttrack. After grabbing pole and 2nd place in a field of 22 teams, we managed to finish 1st and 2nd after an epic battle in the first hour and a half. At the end Milko and Guillermo managed to create a little gab over Robin and Alain due to 2 slightly better pitstops and a better average laptime in the last 25 minutes of the race. Congrats to both teams; our best tesult in 2 years!Read More →

Guestdriver Guillermo van Pamelen and Forbus master Milko Mebus will compete as Forbus 1 at the Lelystad 2 hour race at May 25th, starting at 18.00 hours. Forbus 2, with topdrivers Alain Kors and Robin Lagrouw will attent as well.Read More →

The last race of the year, will be the Oldenzaal 2 hour ‘Oliebollen’ race. 2 Forbus teams will compete: Forbus 1 (Alain Kors and Robin Lagrouw) and Forbus 2 (Nanno v.d. Poel and Milko Mebus) Forbus 2 managed to get 2nd place last year, so a lot of pressure on Forbus 1 to do better than that.Read More →

Forbus racing will compete in the Oldenzaal 12 hour race, at November 18th. A big event with 18 strong teams. The team will excist of 6 Forbus drivers: Johnny Kraak, Milko Mebus, Nanno van der Poel, Albert Klok, Alain Kors and Robin Lagrouw. Follow our facebook (www.facebook.com/forbusracing) page for updates during the event!Read More →

We are looking for competitive (inter)national drivers who like to compete in (inter)national events for Forbus Racing with our team members in different settings. Our next big event is the Indoor European Kart Challenge in Middelburg (The Netherlands) in February 2019. Forbus wants to attend in the team competition. We need 3 drivers. Anne d’Hondt will race; she’s our top driver. The team will support with drivers changes, team tactics etcetera. Are you interested? Contact Milko Mebus.Read More →

Hello! We’re a new team,’founded’ in 2018. It’s an idea of 2 Italians and a Dutchman who met during the 2017 Kart World Championship in Madrid, Spain. We’re not new in racing; Piernatale and Milko together have 60 years of race experience! In our team, we have the 2016 number 2 lady of the world, the 2016 number 3 ‘master of the world’, and an ex Junior European Champion in our team! The main thing is that we’re friends, and crazy about racing, and we want to help each other, and push ourselfs, and each other, to become better drivers and better team players. MoreRead More →